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Hey everyone,  I hope all is well and good and succeeding with their goals.

A little bit about myself.

Hmmm where do I start. I was in the forces for 6 years the RRW, based in Paderborn Germany, I joined when I was 17 so was fresh out of school when I joined not knowing what I was getting into, for some reason people think joining the army is something to be proud of, well it isn’t fighting for greed, power and control. I served in Kosovo, done extreme training in sweltering heat in Kenya (Africa) and training in sub zero temperatures where our water bottles had frozen, so we could not have a sip of water. They did call off the exercise gladly because without water we will all come down with all sorts of illnesses, even death.

When I left I went from job to job.

From labouring on a building site, call centre work, plumbing to security and could not hold one down due to being diagnosed with PTSD, so I decided to try an online venture, as many have made it successfully and made millions and someone who I know  personally is very successful and has made millions so I thought if they can do it then so can I.

With my PTSD I have tried with help and therapy but could not deal with the back and forth and speaking to someone who had never dealt with being in situations like us soldiers from the army, and it is a pretty long waiting list for help.

Anyway cut a long story short I decided to read books and watch videos of self help and the truth of reality and how we control it, we control our reality with our thoughts and our feelings, I will create a few posts about mindset and anyway because prosperity is a mindset.

Here is the downfall of finding you way online.

There are so many scammers out there it is unbelievable, and I have bought products which were totally useless and the only thing they do is keep you going round and round in circles buying product after product wasting not only your money but your time that you could be making money.

But wait, this is where I come in.

So this is why I decided to create this website for people who want to make their fortune online with out all the hassle of the time wasters and scammers, I can direct you straight to what is real and great to make money from, everything I put on this website is how i am with personally and how I am making a living, and a great one:-).

Well that is just a little bit about me just to give you an idea of why and how I become to work online and create this website.

I hope that you enjoyed reading about me and I will look forward to connecting with you all very soon. Take care, have a great day and have all the success, prosperity, health and wealth that you desire.

Kind regards.






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